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This highly anticipated second album by NEW CENTURY and Nadja, who is now in her third season as music director of the 19 year-old chamber orchestra, is a passionate exploration of the intense, soulful and deeply emotional side of classical music. The CD features Barber’s modern masterpiece, Adagio for Strings; Mahler’s musical love letter to his future wife Alma, his Adagietto (for orchestra), the fourth movement to his Symphony No. 5, and Strauss’s virtuosic pinnacle of string orchestral writing, Metamorphosen for 23 solo instruments. The CD was recorded live during concerts.
The San Francisco Chronicle, in reviewing a performance of Strauss’ Metamorphosen by the ensemble, praised, “For a hint as to why the New Century Chamber Orchestra continues to garner both praise and loyalty from the Bay Area's canniest music lovers, you need look no further than Thursday's magisterial performance of Richard Strauss' late masterpiece "Metamorphosen." ... under the leadership of Music Director Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, the orchestra rose to the challenge with unerring power. ... In a work that calls for each player to muster the virtuosity and eloquence of a soloist, every member of the orchestra shone.”